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Learn How to Produce Electronic Music
with Ableton Live 9, Online!

Your Complete Production Course, Virtual Classroom & Instructor.
"In your pocket!"- A Melhem Maroun Company -

MusicPro is a one-of-a-kind Music Production Package. A Full Music Production Course, a High End Online Studio and your Own Private Instructor.

You'll be part of one of the best Electronic Music Production Learning Method in the World. You will have your own Virtual Production Studio, a whooping 16GB RAM, 8 Core 2.4Ghz CPU, 1GB/s Internet Access and 250GB SSD Windows 10 Machine, containing all the Learning Materials, Software and everything you need to get started. Exclusive private Sessions, monthly Live Webinars and the release of your track are all part of the deal.

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A Complete Learning Package

You'll learn Track Creation, Arrangement, Mixing, Music Theory, Sound Design, Music Business and Creativity. It's an all-in-one Electronic Music Production School in your Pocket. The Course is Split into 3 difficulty Levels, after each Level you'll be able to complete a Track.

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Your High End Online Studio

You'll have access to an Online Music Technology Studio, consisting of an Intel 8 Core 2.4Ghz, 250GB SSD, 16GB RAM and a 1 GB/s internet access. It comes with the all required Presets, Projects, Samples and DAWs. It's your training Studio, anywhere in the World!

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Release your Track to the World

After Taking the 3 parts Full Course, you'll have the opportunity to release your track on Beatport, iTunes and much more. Your track is well mixed, produced and ready for the public. If not, you'll have a private Studio session full of tips to help you in your journey.

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Your Next Hit Song Is Waiting For You!

Learn how to create your track, using your Online Learning Studio, and let us guide you and release it to the public.

Create a Track from Start to Finish

Where do you begin? And how do you finish your track and make it sound.. Just great?
The Course is divided into 3 Levels, each Level takes 4 weeks to complete.
The Lessons will be broken down Into: 8 Bar Loop, Arrangement, Mixing, Sound Design, Music Theory, Music Business and Creativity.

Access your Own Private Studio

Your Intel 8 Core 16GB RAM, 256GB SSD and an amazing 1GB/s Internet Speed. You can access the Studio anywhere in the world and anytime!

All the learning materials, Audio Samples and Free goodies are waiting for you inside the Studio.

Private Mentorship + Webinars

You'll have your own tutor helping you along the way, telling you what's great about your record and what might need to be fixed. You can ask the mentor for more private sessions too.
Plus, a monthly Webinar for each level will be hosted, where you have the opportunity to discuss with other like-minded students, share opinions and most of all: Get better at your craft!

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